Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2011


Practical informations

Practical informations


The films of the 21st Ciné Junior filmfest are screened in eighteen cinema theatres in the Val-de-Marne county.
The catalogue and the schedule will be available for mid-december 2010.

Ticket info

The average price is of 3€.


Please call the cinema theatres closest to you if you have specific questions.


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Cinema Public organization

52 rue Joseph de Maistre / 75018 Paris
Téléphone : 0033 1 42 26 02 06 / Fax : 0033 1 42 26 02 15
accueil chez cinemapublic.org
cinejunior chez cinemapublic.org


Press releases are available on the website.

Cine Junior Press / Industry Accreditation

Accreditation, offered to qualified members of the Press and Industry, allows free entry to the Ciné Junior Festival that will commence on January 1st 2011.
Accreditation is usually extended by invitation only. You will be notified of your accreditation status by email.
Inquiries about accreditation applications should be directed to the appropriate email address.

Download the accreditation form

Accreditation bureau :
presse chez cinemapublic.org

Prizes & Palmarès

List of award winners


The Cine Junior Grand Prize

Awarded by Julie Bertuccelli (presidente), Christel Dewynter, Jean-Luc Fromental, Joachim Lepastier, Valentin Rebondy and Denis Walgenwitz.

Sebbe by Babak Najafi / Sweden-Finland / 2010 / 1h26 / Production : Garage film.

8000 euros are given to the french distributor. 2300 euros worth in technical services (sub-titling) are granted by Titra Film to the french distributor.

The CICAE Prize (International Confederation of Art Cinemas

Aims at helping "small movies" to cross frontiers : they are spotted out in the greatest european festivals by the CICAE jurys composed of art cinemas programmers. Awarded by Gaby Girod, Florian Deleporte and Giovanni Petricciani.

Los Colores de la Montaña by Carlos Cesar Arbelaez / Colombia / 2010 / 1h28 / Distribution : Gebeka.

"Passeurs d’Images" Prize

Helps to promote the awarded film in France. Awarded by Emilie Matyja, Claudie Le Bissonnais, Amaury Piotin, Marie Cirade and Alice Chaput.

Flowers of Evil by David Dusa / France / 2010 / 1h40 / Production : Sciapode.

Special mention to :

Soul Boy by Hawa Essuman / Kenya / 2010 / 1h / Contact : One Fine Day Films.

The Grain à Démoudre Festival Award

Awarded by Isis Gosselin, Juliette Mollero, Jeanne Carpentier, Lucien Morino, Chloé Cassard and Baptiste Clugéry.

Pudana Last of the line by Anastasia Lapsui and Markku Lehmuskallio / Finland / 2009 / 1h23 / Production : Illume Ltd.

The Young Jurys Prizes

The 8th grade classe (Montalembert College - Nogent-sur-Marne) awarded the Prize to Flowers of Evil by David Dusa.

The 8th grade classe (Joliot Curie College - Fontenay-sous-Bois) awarded the Prize to Flowers of Evil by David Dusa.

The 6th grade classe (Dorval College - Orly) awarded the Prize to Flowers of Evil by David Dusa.

The 9th grade classe (Paul Klee College - Thiais) awarded the Prize to Flowers of Evil by David Dusa.

The 8th grade classe (Cherioux College - Vitry-sur-Seine) awarded the Prize to Soul Boy by Hawa Essuman.

The 4th grade classe (Paul Eluard School - Vitry-sur-Seine) awarded the Prize to Soul Boy by Hawa Essuman.


The Audience Prizes were awarded to :


Sous un coin de ciel bleu by Arnaud Demuynck and Cécilia Marreiros Marrum / animation / France / 2009 / 14 mn.


The Cow who wanted to be a Hamburger by Bill Plymton / animation / USA / 2010 / 5 mn.


Dounouia, la vie by Olivier Broudeur and Anthony Quéré / France / 2010 / 20 mn.

Here is downloadble the whole Palmares :


The Cine Junior Grand Prize
cash prize (8000 euros) granted to the french distributor who will
distribute the film.

The C.I.C.A.E Prize (International Confederation of Art Cinemas)
The Prize helps towards distribution systematically informing the 2,000 CICAE member cinemas, as an incentive for distribution companies to market the filmsdiscovered and in order to promote their circulation.

The Passeurs d’Images-Kyrnea International Prize
This honorific helps to promote the award-winning film among the members and partners of the network.

The Grain à Démoudre Festival Award
The awarded film will be shown to the next edition of their festival.
This festival is organized by young people aged from 10 to 25 since May 2000.
This incredible adventure enables them to pass on their passion for cinema to others. Recognized at the European level, the festival gathers each year more and more professionals and young film enthusiasts from all Europe.

The Young Jurys Prize
Children aged 5 to 15 from several schools in the area are designated as jurys and attend all the screenings of the competition sections and finally award their prizes.

The Audience Prize
This prize goes to the international short-films competition in 35 mm. Parents and children alike vote for the best-loved film in the three age groups : 3/6, 7/10 and 11 & onwards.

CICAE : www.art-et-essai.org/cicae
AFCAE : www.art-et-essai.org
PASSEURS D’IMAGES : www.passeursdimages.fr
Festival Du Grain à Démoudre : www.dugrainademoudre.net

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