Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2012


Cine Junior Film Festival // 22nd // 1 to 14 february 2012

Cinema Public is an association that organizes every year, for more than twenty years now, the International Festival of Young Audiences Cinema Ciné Junior which takes place in eighteen public cinemas of Val-de-Marne.

The purpose of this association is to promote a public utility, required in distribution and in film exploitation. The association was created in 1978 to federate public movie theaters around the notion of public utility. It militates for several years for a real cultural action and an independency of the programming, for a cinema of nearness, an innovator cinema. It supports a certain idea of the film exploitation, not submitted to the market’s rules. It suggests arousing and developing film activities which aim at making the cinema in movie theaters lively and widen the distribution.

Cinema Public also coordinates the “Collège au Cinema” device in Val-de-Marne. It sets up trainings to make sensitive the local actors in the cinema and in the image. It develops a real educational policy in the image - such as workshops or publications.

Cine Junior Film Festival leads different actions :

  • It has the ambition to allow children and teenagers of Val-de-Marne to discover French and foreign quality movies (unpublished works or more ancient works that we cannot see easily). It also tries to concretely help the distribution of movies which can participate to a real artistic awakening of the young audience.
  • Cine Junior takes care of the costs to translate movies in foreign languages.
  • It also leads an educational work through the edition of pedagogical files proposing tracks of reflection to the teachers and to the other participating adults. In this perspective, we organize meetings between the directors and the young audience following the projections in order to give the children the opportunity to ask the questions they may have.
  • In a will of concrete help to the distribution of the movies selected, several prices are awarded at the end of the festival.

Practical informations

Practical informations


The films of the 22nd Ciné Junior filmfest are screened in eighteen cinema theatres in the Val-de-Marne county.
The catalogue and the schedule will be available for mid-december 2011.

Ticket info

The average price is of 3€.


Please call the cinema theatres closest to you if you have specific questions.


To be kept informed of our actions on a regular basis,
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Cinema Public organization

52 rue Joseph de Maistre / 75018 Paris
Téléphone : 0033 1 42 26 02 06 / Fax : 0033 1 42 26 02 15
accueil chez cinemapublic.org
cinejunior chez cinemapublic.org


Press releases are available on the website.

Cine Junior Press / Industry Accreditation

Accreditation, offered to qualified members of the Press and Industry, allows free entry to the Cine Junior Festival that will start on February 1st 2012.
Accreditation is usually extended by invitation only. You will be notified of your accreditation status by email.
Inquiries about accreditation applications should be directed to the appropriate email address.

Download the accreditation form

Accreditation bureau :
presse chez cinemapublic.org

The movies

Prizes & Palmares


Download Palmares 2012 :


The Cine Junior Grand Prize
cash prize (8000 euros) granted to the french distributor who will
distribute the film.

The C.I.C.A.E Prize (International Confederation of Art Cinemas)
The Prize helps towards distribution systematically informing the 2,000 CICAE member cinemas, as an incentive for distribution companies to market the filmsdiscovered and in order to promote their circulation.

The Passeurs d’Images-Kyrnea International Prize
This honorific helps to promote the award-winning film among the members and partners of the network.

The Grain à Démoudre Festival Award
The awarded film will be shown to the next edition of their festival.
This festival is organized by young people aged from 10 to 25 since May 2000.
This incredible adventure enables them to pass on their passion for cinema to others. Recognized at the European level, the festival gathers each year more and more professionals and young film enthusiasts from all Europe.

The Young Jurys Prize
Children aged 5 to 15 from several schools in the area are designated as jurys and attend all the screenings of the competition sections and finally award their prizes.

The Audience Prize
This prize goes to the international short-films competition in 35 mm. Parents and children alike vote for the best-loved film in the three age groups : 3/6, 7/10 and 11 & onwards.

CICAE : www.art-et-essai.org/cicae
AFCAE : www.art-et-essai.org
PASSEURS D’IMAGES : www.passeursdimages.fr
Festival Du Grain à Démoudre : www.dugrainademoudre.net


Special events

Professionnal days

Espace municipal Jean Vilar to Arcueil.
Screening all feature films in competition, professionnal juries in attendance.

Download the program :


Ciné-concert The little world of Leo Lionni

4.00 pm
Age 2+
3 Cinés Robespierre to Vitry-sur-Seine
An original musical work specially created by the musicians of SZ. Coproduction Ciné Junior and Forum des Images.

An exhibition

4.45 pm
Library Nelson Mandela
Come and discover the original illustrations by Leo Lionni, used in the making of various films.


6.00 pm
Age 5+
By Rémi Bezançon & Jean-Christophe Lie / Animation / France / 2011 / 1h18


2.30 pm
Award ceremony

3.45 pm
Masterclass by Manuel Poirier, director.



Les rencontres pendant le festival

Wednesday, february 1st

2.30 pm : Renaissance, meet Marco Gianfreda, director.

7.30 pm : Microphone, meet Ahmad Abdallah, director.

Thursday, february 2nd

1.45 pm : Microphone, meet Ahmad Abdallah, director.

9.30 am : L’incompris, meet Arnaud Hée.

Friday, february 3rd

9.15 am : Short film Age 11 +, meet Virginie Boda, director.

Villejuif (MPT)
9.45 am : Maria y yo, meet Miguel Gallardo, autor.

2.00 pm : Short film Age 7 to 10, meet Juliette Loubières, director.

Vitry-sur-Seine (3 Cinés Robespierre)
2.00 pm : Microphone, meet Ahmad Abdallah, director.

Saturday, february 4th

Villejuif (TRR)
3.00 pm : Marie y yo, meet Miguel Gallardo, autor.

Vitry-sur-Seine (3 Cinés Robespierre)
6.00 pm : Opening : Zarafa, meet Remi Bezançon and Jean-Christophe Lie, director.

Monday, february 6th

9.00 am : Silberwald, meet Christine Repond, director.

9.30 am : Microphone, meet Ahmad Abdallah, director.

Vitry-sur-Seine (3 Cinés Robespierre)
9.30 am : Short film Age 11 +, meet Hélier Cisterne, director.
2.00 pm : Silberwald, meet Christine Repond, director.

L’ Haÿ-les-Roses
10.00 am : Forgiveness of Blood, meet Clément Graminiès.

14h30 : El Premio, meet Marie Diagne.

Tuesday, february 7th

9.30 am : Silberwald, meet Christine Repond, director.

9.30 am : En el nombre de la Hija, meet Tania Hermida, director.
2.00 pm : Short film Age 7 to 10, meet Emilie Mercier, director.

10.00 am : Bellissima, meet Arnaud Hée.

10h : Sciuscia, meet Nadia Meflah.

2.00 pm : En el nombre de la Hija, meet Tania Hermida, director.

2.15 pm : Forgiveness of Blood, meet Clément Graminiès.

Wednesday, february 8th

2.30 : Short film Age 7 to 10, meet Emilie Mercier, director.

Thursday, february 9th

Villejuif (MPT)
9.30 am : En el nombre de la Hija, meet Tania Hermida, director.

9.15 am : Miracle à Milan, meet Eugenio Renzi.
14h : En el nombre de la Hija, meet Tania Hermida, director.

2.00 pm : Bellissima, meet Arnaud Hée.

2.15 pm : Forgiveness of Blood, meet Clément Graminiès.

Friday, february 10th

9.30 am : En el nombre de la Hija, meet Tania Hermida, director.
12h : meet jurys.

Sunday, february 12th

Vitry-sur-Seine (3 Cinés Robespierre)
2.30 pm : Clôture : Master class by Manuel Poirier, director and Cine Junior jury’s president.

Educationals files

Download educationals files

International feature film competition

  • Kooky  PDF - 265.7 ko

Italian cinema

Out of competition



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