Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2010

Prizes & Palmarès

Palmarès 2010

Here is downloadble the whole Palmares :

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Prizes & Palmarès

The Ciné Junior Grand Prize

is a taking of 8000 € given to the french distributor who will release nationwide the winning film of the aforementioned prize within two years.

The C.I.C.A.E Prize (International Confederation of Art Cinemas)
consists in the edition of educational material aimed toward the independant cinema theaters network in France (AFCAE). The CICAE trophee is awarded to the director.

The Passeurs d’Images-Kyrnea International Prize
Passeurs d’Images is an organization in charge of the operation “ Cinéville-A summer of Cinema” :
The awarded film will be screened in over a thousand cities in France during the summer in open-air cinemas.

The Grain à Démoudre Festival Award
The awarded film will be shown to the next edition of their festival.
This festival is organized by young people aged from 10 to 25 since May 2000.
This incredible adventure enables them to pass on their passion for cinema to others. Recognized at the European level, the festival gathers each year more and more professionals and young film enthusiasts from all Europe.

The Young Jurys Prize
Children aged 5 to 15 from several schools in the area are designated as jurys and attend all the screenings of the competition sections and finally award their prizes.

The Audience Prize
This prize goes to the international short-films competition in 35 mm. Parents and children alike vote for the best-loved film in the three age groups : 3/6, 7/10 and 11 & onwards.

CICAE : www.art-et-essai.org/cicae
AFCAE : www.art-et-essai.org
PASSEURS D’IMAGES : www.passeursdimages.fr
Festival Du Grain à Démoudre : www.dugrainademoudre.net