Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2013
by Hiroyuki Okiura

From 7 years old
Animation / Japon / 2011 / 1h55 / VF
Original Title : Momo a no tegami
Production : Arimasa Okada, Keiko Matsushita, Mariko Noguchi et Motoki Mukaichi
Script : Hiroyuki Okiura
Photography : Koji Tanaka
Artistic Direction : Hiroshi Ohno
Editing : Junichi Uematsu

After her father’s death, Momo leaves his town to settle on a faraway island with his mother. Lost in this ever-present nature, she can’t stop thinking about her father, the argument they had before his death and this unfinished letter he left her. Momo’s life will soon be turned upside down by the arrival of three strange creatures.

Following a ten years absence, Hiroyuki Okirua surrounds himself with the best Japanese animators to realise this hand-animated film, photogram after photogram, with very little help from digital special effects. By using a pastel colour palette, Okirua creates a very soft graphic universe, putting great emphasis on finely drawn majestic landscape and characters.

Hiroyuki Okiura
Hiroyuki Okiura starts his career aged 22 by working on a key-film in Japanese animation : Katsuhiro Ôtomo’s AKIRA (1988), then, the following year, on PATLABOR by Mamoru Oshii. 1995 marks the start of a new collaboration with Ôtomo in 1995 : Hiroyuki Okiura joins the direction team for MEMORIES. There he stands alongside the greatest names in animation. On the same year he is appointed character creator and animation supervisor for Oshii’s GHOST IN THE SHELL. In 1999, he becomes director for the acclaimed movie JIN-ROH. A LETTER TO MOMO is his second feature film and took seven years to produce.

13/02 - 14h Arcueil Espace municipal Jean Vilar
14/02 - 9h30 Arcueil Espace municipal Jean Vilar
14/02 - 14h Fontenay-sous-Bois Cinéma Le Kosmos
15/02 - 14h Vitry-sur-Seine 3 Cinés Robespierre
17/02 - 14h Arcueil Espace municipal Jean Vilar
18/02 - 9h30 Orly Centre Culturel Aragon-Triolet
18/02 - 14h Villejuif Théâtre Romain Rolland
18/02 - 14h15 Sucy-en-Brie Espace Jean-Marie Poirier
19/02 - 9h Champigny-sur-Marne Studio 66
20/02 - 14h15 Créteil Cinéma La Lucarne
22/02 - 10h Vitry-sur-Seine 3 Cinés Robespierre
23/02 - 14h Arcueil Espace municipal Jean Vilar
23/02 - 14h L’Haÿ-les-Roses Cinéma La Tournelle
26/02 - 14h Choisy-le-Roi Théâtre-Cinéma Paul Eluard

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