Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2011
Age 4/5 and above

This programme is comprised films which have also been published in illustrated book form, either as faithful adaptations of the original story or as an extension to the original story creating resonance between the two formats, and providing at alternative point of view.

L’Enfant sans bouche
Pierre-Luc Granjon / 2003 / France / livre-DVD aux éditions Corridor / 4 min
The story of a child who rediscovers speech thanks to a rabbit.

Beau Voyage
Samuel Ribeyron / 2010 / France / livre-DVD aux éditions Corridor / 9 min
The initiatory journey of a small boy following the death of his grandfather.

Sophie Roze / 2011 / France / livre-DVD aux éditions Corridor / 7 min
A story of friendship between a very big Whale-Bird and a tiny girl.

Jean perdu dans ses pensées
Anne Herbauts / 2005 / France / livre-DVD aux éditions Duculot / 7 min
Jean is lost in the fog. He arrives at the edge of a pool where Mr. Teaspoon is brewing ideas.

À Quai
Sara / 2004 / France / livre-DVD aux éditions du Seuil / 5 min
A dog, a sailor and a mysterious woman in red meet one evening in a comic-book, a letter and a film : three different points of view.

La Promenade d’un distrait
Béatrice Alemagna / 2005 / France / livre-DVD aux éditions du Seuil / 7 min
When Giovanni asks his mother if he can go out walking alone, she always offers him endless advice because her son is always absent-minded, so absent-minded that he forgets he is absent-minded. And that’s how he manages to lose first his hand, then his arm, and then his foot...

Les illustrateurs

Pierre-Luc Granjon
After studying Art History in Geneva, Pierre-Luc Granjon joined the Applied Arts School in Lyon. Assuming various roles as model maker, animator, or set designer, in 2000, he directed his first short-film Petite Escapade combining 3D models and drawing. He has since directed Le Château des autres, L’enfant sans bouche, Le Loup blanc and l’Hiver de Léon... all of which have received numerous accolades.

Samuel Ribeyron
Graduate from the Emile Cohl School in Lyon, Samuel Robeyron currently lives in the Drôme region of central France. He has worked on several set designs for children’s theatre productions in Lyon, and has exhibited his paintings and sculptures. He presently works for the animation studios Folimage where he is set designer for the televised series L’Hôpital Hilltop. In order to create his three dimensional illustrations he cuts, glues, sculpts and tinkers.

Sophie Roze
Sophie Roze studied History and Art History before discovering her true passion for animated films using puppets and paper cuts. Graduate of the Poudrière School in Valence, she directed a first short-film Les Escargots de Joseph screened during the 2010 edition of Ciné Junior. She continues to perfect her creative technique using paper cuts and collage.

Béatrice Alemagna
Béatrice Alemagna was born in Bologna in 1973. After studying graphic design at the I.S.I.A. school she won first prize in the « Future figures » illustration competition at the 1996 Montreuil Book Exhibition in Paris. Her works have been exhibited in Bologna, Milan, Rome, Paris, Reims, Lille, Bordeaux, Charleville, Munich, Lisbon, Tokyo and Kyoto. She has written and illustrated over fifteen books.

Sara was born in Nantes. She is a writer, illustrator and graphic designer. She was directing editor of collection of books entitled "La langue de chat" published by Epigones from 1990 to 1995. She is also a painter. In December 2005 she was awarded a special prize (The Golden Apple) by the jury of the Biannual International Illustration Festival in Bratislava.

Anne Herbauts
Born in 1975, this Belgian artist studied illustration and comic-books at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. Anne Herbauts enjoys experimenting with varied forms of storytelling. With almost twenty illustrated books and several strip-cartoons to her name, she continues to explore through her work the notion of time, one of her subjects of choice. She has been awarded several prizes in both Belgium and France.

Corridor publishers
Corridor in a non-profit organisation which has been working in schools since 2002 teaching animation film techniques to children. This work in schools and their experience of animated film drove the organisations founders to create their own production studio and publishing house. They published a first collection entitled "Un p’tit court et puis..." ("A littl’ short and then...’) which comprises an illustrated book and an accompanying animated film of the same story on DVD. Their aim in to create links between children’s literature and short-film.

The exhibition

During the festival, please come and visit the exhibition created by Corridor on the theme of books and DVDs which includes drawings by Pierre-Luc Granjon and set designs from Beau voyage and L’Oiseau Cachalot.
The exhibition will be showing in Gentilly from the 10th of January and then at the Médiathèque in Fontenay-sous-Bois from the 26th of January.

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