Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2011

Adaptations from the books by Raymond Briggs

Age 3 and above

Three animated films adapted from the Raymond Briggs’ acclaimed illustrated books in which we follow the adventures of a snowman, a polar bear and Father Christmas himself !... In addition we discover the strange Christmas story of Komaneko, the little cat from Japan.

Program 1

Le Bonhomme de neige
Dianne Jackson
Animation / Grande-Bretagne / 1982 / 30 min / 35 mm / couleur / sans paroles
On a cold wintery day, a young boy builds a snowman. The next morning, he is surprised to find that his snowman has come to life as it invites him on a fantastic journey to meet many other snowmen.

Sacré Père noël
Dave Unwin et Dianne Jackson
Animation / Grande-Bretagne / 1990 / 30 min / 35 mm / couleur / VF
What does Father Christmas do after Christmas-eve ? Who looks after the reindeer all year long, who tends the garden, and who answers the mail ? Having transformed his sleigh into a caravan, he sets off to discover France and its fine cuisine, Scotland and Las Vegas... A unpredictable journey, which won’t prevent this grumpy glutton from remembering to come back in time to deliver his gifts.

Program 2

The Bear
Hilary Audus
Animation / Grande-Bretagne / 1998 / 30 min / 35 mm / couleur / sans paroles
Disaster ! During a visit to the zoo, little Tilly drops her teddy bear into the polar bear pit. The next evening she is awoken by an identical bear which has entered her room as if by magic. She has endless fun playing with him, just like her old teddy bear only a little bigger.

In addition

Le Noël de Komaneko
Tsuneo Goda
Animation / Japon / 2009 / 20 min / 35 mm / couleur / sans paroles
Komaneko receives a gift from his parents before Christmas, with a letter saying that they won’t be home to celebrate with him. He is downhearted but his friend Radi-bo arrives with some interesting solutions.

Raymond Briggs
Born in 1934 in Wimbledon, Raymond Briggs is an extremely popular author and illustrator in Britain, amongst both adults and children, most notably due to his book The Snowman, published in 1978 the film adaptation of which is screened every Christmas on British television. His books, for young and for old, have received numerous accolades including the British Book Awards. He currently lives in Sussex where he continues to write and illustrate.