Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2011
Age 5 and above

Jan Svankmajer
Animation / Tchécoslovaquie / 1988 / 1h24 / 35 mm / couleurs / VF

Alice, a solitary child, goes on an inner journey. Her imagination carries her far away from her room and its familiar objects. The frontier between dream and reality quickly becomes blurred : did her stuffed rabbit move ?... Alice sets of in pursuit. Freely adapted from Lewis Carroll’s original story, Alice, like her distant literary cousin, tells the story of a descent into the world of dreams which are sometimes tainted with nightmares.

Jan Svankmajer offers us a radical interpretation of Alice. It does away with the archetypes which surround the imagery of Alice and gives us back the freedom of our imagination.
Pascale Vimenet, quotation from Cahier de notes sur Alice (éd. Les enfants de cinéma)

screenplay : Jan Svankmajer d’après Alice de Lewis Carroll
Animation : Bedrich Glaser, Svatopluk Maly
editing : Marie Zemanova
sound : Ivo Spalj, Robert Jansa
cast : Kristina Kohoutova
Distribution : K Films

Born in 1934 in Prague where he still lives today, Jan Svankmajer studied at the Institute of Applied Arts and then in the puppetry department of the Academy of Performed Arts. He subsequently joined to Czech surrealist group. Since his first film in 1964 he has continued producing films which have influenced numerous directors including Tim Burton.