Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2014

From 8 years old
Animation / 50 min

A programme where paintings come to life, relate and narrate. Literary adaptations revisited by the brushes of great masters of animated painting, Georges Schwizgebel, Alexander Petrov and Florence Miailhe, as well as two episodes of Bastien Dubois’ “Faces From Places”.

L’Homme sans ombre
Georges Schwizgebel / Canada / 2003 / 10 min / mute
What is the use of the shadow we drag along on the floor ? A man asks himself that very question as he accepts the deal a magician is offering him : to ex- change his shadow for wealth. Based on a fantasy tale by Adelbert von Chamisso inspired by Faust : The Strange Story of Peter Schlemihl.

Les Oiseaux blancs, les oiseaux noirs
Florence Miailhe / France / 2002 / 4 min
This movie can be watched like an image book. An African tale, an illustrated poem, a universal message... based on the work of Mali writer Amadou Hampâté Bâ.

Portraits de voyage, Brésil Candomblé
Bastien Dubois / France / 2013 / 3 min
A master of Capoeira takes us throught he “candomblé” : the ancestral cult of the Orixás, deities who came from Africa with the slaves.

Portraits de voyage, Colombie fourmis gros cul
Bastien Dubois / France / 2013 / 3 min
In the course of his trip, a traveller gets to try the most valuable sweet of the Santander regions...

The Old Man and the Sea
Alexander Petrov / Canada - Japan - Russia / 1999 / 20 min / French Version
Santiago, an aging Cuban fisherman, has not caught a single fish in 84 days. Leaving his young friend Manolin, the only one who still believes in him, he decides to leave at sea, deep onto the Gulf Stream, in search of a catch that would restore the respect of his peers. Faraway from the coasts, a fish finally takes the bait. Is luck finally coming back ? Based on the eponymous best seller by Ernest Hemingway.


L’homme sans ombre
Office National du Film du Canada
Diane Hétu
001 514 283-9686
D.Hetu chez nfb.ca

Les oiseaux blancs, les oiseaux noirs
Les Films de l’Arlequin
Fariza Daguelou
+33 (0)1 42 77 20 55
fariza.arlequin chez gmail.com

Portraits de voyage
Sacrebleu Productions
Camille Condemi
+33 (0)1 42 25 30 27
camille chez sacrebleuprod.com

The Old Man and the Sea
Pascal Blais Studio
Bernard Lajoie
001 514 849 4444
bernard chez pascalblais.com