Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2014
2 films by Brˇetislav Pojar

From 2 years old
Animation / 28 min / mute

Bubble men, cubes and little wooden trains come to life and dance around when the silence of the night settles in and children go to bed.

The Midnight Adventure (Pu ̊lnocˇní prˇíhoda)
Brˇetislav Pojar / Czechoslovakia / 1960 / 13 min
On Christmas Eve, an brand new elec- tric train is placed under the Christmas tree. But the little wooden train, the little boy’s favourite toy, rebels. He’s not going to be put out of the limelight that easily !

Little Umbrella (Paraplícˇ ko)
Brˇetislav Pojar / Czechoslovakia / 1957 / 15 min
At midnight, the leprechaun with the little red umbrella arrives in the country of toys and puts on a wonderful show with his magic tricks.

Brˇetislav Pojar

Born in 1923 in Czechoslovakia, Brˇetislav Pojar starts his career as an animator for films directed by his mentor Jirˇí Trnka. Then, Pojar directs many puppet films in his country and in Canada where he emigrates, amongst those : A Drop Too Much (O sklenicˇku víc, 1954), The Lion and the Song (Lev a písnicˇka, 1959, Grand Prix in Annecy Film Festival), and the serial Mister, let’s play ! (Pojd’te pane, budeme si hrát). In 2006, he co-directs the animated feature film Fimfárum 2.


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