Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2014
by Alfredo Soderguit

From 6 years old
Animation / Uruguay-Colombia / 2013 / 1h22 / live interpretation

Production : Rain Dogs Cine, Palermo Estudio Montevideo
Screenplay : Federico Ivanier, from "Anina Yatay Salas" by Sergio López Suárez
Animation : Alejo Schettini
Editing : Germán Tejeira et Julián Goyoaga
Art Direction : Sebastián Santana

Anina Yatay Salas is 10. Her name and forenames are palindromes : they can be read both way, either in forward or reverse direction. This is why the other kids in her class pick on her, especially Ysel. One day, after an argument, the two little girls are punished by the headmistress. Each receives a sealed envelope with the instruction not to open it…

Alfredo Soderguit
Born in 1973 in Rocha, Uruguay, he has illustrated over forty children’s book since 1998 in his own country, in Argentina, in Norway and Mexico. In 1999, he created the OS group (Operativa Simbólica), before studying artistic direction in 2003 at the Cinema School of Uruguay. Two years later, he created the Palermo Animación Studio with Alejo Schettini and Claudia Prezioso. Anina is his first full-length feature film. It took eight years of work to complete.

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