Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2013

Talus Taylor et Annette Tison / Animation / Holland - Japan / 1974 / 32 min / silent
From 2 years old

The adventures of Barbapapa, Barbamama and their 7 children : Barbalala the singer, Barbabright the scientist, Barbabelle the pretty one, Barbazoo the animal’s friend, Barbalib the intellectual, Barbabeau the artist and Barbabravo the tough one.

Annette Tison et Talus Taylor
The French-American couple invents the Barbapapa series at the beginning of the 70’s. Inspired by the candy’s malleable shape and tangy colours, Annette Tison, an architecture graduate and Talus Taylor, a professor of science in San Francisco, invent then publish the adventures of the friendly creatures’ family. Following the public success of their children books, translated in over thirty languages, the Barbapapa stories become a TV series in 1974.

16/02 - 15h Champigny-sur-Marne Médiathèque
17/02 - 11h Fontenay-sous-Bois Cinéma Le Kosmos
17/02 - 16h Orly Centre Culturel Aragon-Triolet
19/02 - 10h Champigny-sur-Marne Médiathèque
20/02 - 10h30 Arcueil Espace municipal Jean Vilar
20/02 - 16h15 Choisy-le-Roi Théâtre-Cinéma Paul Eluard
24/02 - 17h Chevilly-Larue Centre Culturel André Malraux
25/02 - 10h Villejuif Maison pour Tous
26/02 - 10h Chevilly-Larue Centre Culturel André Malraux
26/02 - 10h Vitry-sur-Seine 3 Cinés Robespierre

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