Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2014
by Rajkumar Bhan

From 7 years old
Fiction / India - France / 2006 / 1h28 / French Version

Original Title : Darpan ke peechhe
French Title : Le Petit Peintre du Rajasthan
Production : Mille et Une Productions and Raj Movies International
Screenplay : Rajkumar Bhan
Photography : Jodengra Panda
Interpretation : Sulabha Deshpande, Omkar Lele, Nandu Madhav....
Editing : Aseem Sinha
Music : Sanjeev Kohli
Distribution : Eurozoom

Anirudt and his parents leave their town to visit their grand- mother in Shekhawati, an arid village in Rajasthan. This place is famous for the traditional frescoes that adorn houses and palaces alike. Fascinated, Anirudt discovers a new world, the world of a surreal and magical India.

Rajkumar Bhan

After a master in Political Sciences, Rajkumar Bhan obtains a directing degree in the Pune institute. After a brief call in theatre and television, he dedicates himself to cinema with his short film Amukh (The Prologue), 1st Prize at the Dehli Film Festival in 1991. His first full-length feature film, Behind the mirror (2005) is a great success internationally. He then plays roles in Malik Chibane’s Voisins, Voisines (2005) and in Hannelore Cayre’s Legal Aid (Commis d’office, 2009).


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