Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2012
Age 2+

Running time : 30 min
According to five stories of Leo Lionni by Giulio Gianini
Animation / Italy / 1979
An original musical work specially created by the musicians of SZ.
Coproduction Ciné Junior and Forum des Images

Pilotin : An inquisitive fish sets of to discover the world. But predators lie in wait… What can be done ?

Frédéric : Mice stock up on food for winter. All except one who say : “I will take care of it later”.

Cornelius : A crocodile stands up on two legs.

A fish is a fish : A tadpole and a fish are the best of friends. One of them becomes a frog and explores the world. His stories fascinate the other who has become a big fish.

It’s mine : Three frogs talk relentlessly. A toad warns them to stop or else they’ll regret it.

_Over the short repetitious and scalable sequences, Damien and Franck Litzler from the band SZ explore music to create some cheerful ritornellos to benefit of Leo Lionni’s drawn world. It is a musical performance based on sampling with percussion instruments, guitars, synthesizers, voices and all kind of sound objects which subtly corroborate the mischievous and colorful characters of these animated stories.

Leo Lionni
(1910 - 1999) spent his youth in-between Holland, Belgium, the USA and Italy. As a child he was fascinated by nature. He observed and collected animals, insects and all sorts of objects. Thanks to two uncles who were amateur art collectors, he came into contact with great works of art, which
impressed him so much, that soon afterwards he began his first drawings. After studying economy he became artistic director of a large advertising agency in the USA. He became friends with Léger, De Kooning and Calder and decided to become a painter. He published his first children’s book in 1959 entitled : Little-Blue and Little-Yellow, which became an international
classic. He continued to write for young children. More than thirty of his books were edited by ecole des loisirs.