Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2011

Collaboration between authors and illustrators

This programme presents the film La Planète Sauvage which result from a collaboration between René Laloux, who here adapts a novel by Stefan Wul, and a highly talented illustrator Roland Topor.
As for Loulous et autres Loups and U they both emerge from genuine work in unison between the director Serge Elissalde and the renowned Grégoire Solotareff.

La Planète sauvage
_ Age 6 and above
René Laloux
Animation / France / 1973 / 1h12 / 35 mm / couleur
screenplay : René Laloux et Roland Topor, d’après le roman Oms de Stefan Wul
original drawings : Roland Topor
music : Alain Goraguer

Draags are twelve metre tall creatures that live on the planet Vgam. They own tiny pet humanoids called Oms which they have brought to Vgam from another devastated planet. One day Tiwa, daughter of the Grand Councillor, adopts a baby Om she names Terr and whom she decides to educate.

René Laloux
Painter and puppeteer, René Laloux devoted himself to directing animated films with his close partner Topor. Two short-films were to emerge from their work together - Les Temps morts and Les Escargots - not to mention La Planète sauvage which was awarded a Special prize at Cannes Festival in 1973. With Les Maîtres du temps (1982) he once again adapted a novel Stefan Wul, in this case L’Orphelin de Perdide, in collaboration with Moebius. René Laloux went on to become the director of the Digital Image Laboratory in Angouleme until 1999 when he entered retirement.

Roland Topor
An all round genius, Roland Topor was born in Paris in 1938 to Polish parents. He entered the Fine Arts School and began to publish illustrations and stories in various magazines. He worked for Hara-Kiri before founding Panique. A painter, he also worked for the theatre and television and published several books. His graphical style is influenced by surrealism, science-fiction and crime fiction. In 1960 he discovered Les Dents du singe that René Laloux had produced with the patients of La Borde psychiactric hospital. A close relationship then developed between the two men which was to stretch over ten years.

Loulou et autres loups
_ age 4 and above
Animation / France / 2004 / 55 min / 35 mm / couleur
Five films about wolves written by Jean-Luc Fromental and Grégoire Solotareff

  • Loulou
    Serge Elissalde / 27 min
    It is summertime in rabbit land. But as Tom relaxes on the beach a dramatic event is taking place in the undergrowth. Loulou, the young wolf, is all alone is the world. How does you survive when you don’t knowing what you are, and don’t know what you’re supposed to eat ?
  • Marika et le loup
    Marie Caillou / 7 min
    Being a super-model is a great job. But if somebody takes your place it serves you right for leaving it empty.
  • Micro loup
    Richard McGuire / 7 min
    Exhibiting the world’s smallest wolf in the capital is fine. But one must first insure that the glutton doesn’t gobble up everyone in sight.
  • T’es où mère-grand ?
    François Chalet / 7min
    It’s snack time and Grandmother has disappeared. Wolf and Ridinghood set off to find her.
  • Pour faire le portrait d’un loup
    Philippe Petit-Rouler / 5 min
    Homage to Jacque Prévert... You need hair, eyes, claws, ears and a tail, without forgetting the teeth which are probably most important.


_ age 5 and above
Grégoire Solotareff et Serge Elissalde / animation / France / 1h15 / couleur
screenplay : Grégoire Solotareff
sound : Bruno Seznec et Jean-Marc Lentretien
editing : Céline Kelepikis
music : Sanseverino

Mona, a young rat with long ears, lives in a castle with Monseigneur, her tutor and Goomi a grandmother who prickles when kissed. Thankfully, a white unicorn named U come to rescue her. Mona then falls in love with Kulka a guitar-playing cat who hangs out with a band of Wéwés lizard musicians.

Grégoire Solotareff
Grégoire Solotareff in a french author and illustrator born in Alexandria in 1953. He left Egypt with his parents in 1956 for the Lebanon before moving to France. Grégoire Solotareff became a doctor alhtough had always wanted to draw. From 1985 onwards he began to publish illustrated children’s books, beginning with the series Théo et Balthazar inspired by the artwork of Jean de Brunhoff. His stories concern serious problems (the difficulties of growing up, lack of self-confidence, contradictory desires) : Ne m’appelez plus jamais mon petit lapin (1987), Loulou (1989), Le Petit Chaperon vert (1989, Un jour, un loup (1994)... His illustrations are often recognisable through his use of blocks of colour textured with brushstrokes and outlined in black.

Serge Elissalde
Born in 1962 in Besancon, Serge Elissalde studied drawing and painting, subjects which he later went on the teach. He moved to Paris and self-learnt animation technique. His first short-film, Le Balayeur, was an instant success. He subsequently created his own company L’atelier d’anim and participated in the creation of several animated series before devoting himself to the direction of his feature film U written and illustrated by Grégoire Solotareff.