Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2014

Concert Cinema : The Little Blue Cat

From 2 years old
Czechoslovakia / 1959-1976 / 40 min

The two unreleased short films by Zdeneˇk Miler will be put to music by Mimo the Maker. A creation made for Ciné Junior, coproduced with the Forum des Images and the Prod JV.

Little Blue Cat (Modrý kocourek)
Animation / Czechoslovakia / 1959 / 15 min
A kitten become blue and gets rejected by the other animals in the village. How to exist in other people’s eyes while being so different ?

Animation / Czechoslovakia / 1976 / 16 min
Sametka is a concert artist caterpillar. Taken in by a little boy who plays the harmonica, she performs in concerts and meets success. Having become famous after her many music tours around the globe, she will find out what daily life as a music star is like.

Zdeneˇk Miler

Born in Czechoslovakia in 1921, Zdeneˇk Miler enjoys painting as a child. From 1936 he studies at the College of Arts and Crafts and joins in 1942 the National Graphic School in Prague. He starts working for the animation studio Bat’a and gets specialized in animated films. After World War II, he starts working in the animation company Bratrˇi v Triku as an animator, then author and director. He have directed about 70 films. His most famous character is The Mole who comes up in 50 episods. His Cricket and Puppy are also well-known.