Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2014
by Banksy

From 11 years old
Documentary / United States - United Kingdom / 2010 / 1h26 min / VOSTF

French Title : Faites le mur !
Production : Paranoid Pictures
Photography : Mr. Brainwash, Eric Coleman, Brian Cross
Editing : Tom Fulford et Chris King
Music : Geoff Barrow
Distribution : Le Pacte

Exit Through the Gift Shop is the (fake ?) portrait of a character named Thierry Guetta, second-hand garment seller and compulsive video maker, who becomes a self-proclaimed passionate lover of the Street Art movement and its leading figures. Finding himself incapable of making a consistent movie out of his 10000 hours of rushes, Thierry Guetta decides to abandon his role as a witness and go “freelance” under the pseudonym of Mister Brainwash, a living caricature of the drifting of contemporary art, managing to sell for a fortune his inept work surrounded by abstruse speeches, to his mentor’s great dismay.


Banksy is an anonymous British artist known worldwide for his urban art : his stencils, subverted artworks and installations of all kinds convey a humoristic and striking message aimed at shaking up the contemporary art world. Practicing in the street since 1993, he enters art galleries and museum in 2005. In 2010, he realises his first film, Exit Through the Gift Shop


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