Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2011
Age 13 and above

David Dusa
Fiction / France / 2010 / 1h40 / 35 mm / couleur

Paris-Tehran. A story of love between two wanderers – Gecko, a young rebel, and Anahita, an Iranian in exile – tainted by the march of history and its instant and unprecedented mediatisation on the Internet.

The lightweight camera captures the encounter between a young Iranian, temporarily exiled in Paris, and a young Parisian. They grow progressively closer to one another just as the camera closes-in on their smiles. As they discover Paris together, their relationship becomes more intimate. The camera adapts itself to these characters creating a feeling of spontaneity and easy living. But living is not also easy : in contrast to these dance like images we also witness the erratic movements of a camera moving through an Iranian crowd, and between their two bodies in harmony there remains an insurmountable hurdle.
Stéphane Arnoux, filmmaker and member of ACID (Organisation for the Distribution of Independent Cinema)

Production : Sciapode
Screenplay : David Dusa, Mike Sens, Raphaëlle Maes et Louise Molière
Director of photography : Armin Franzen
Editing : Yannick Coutheron et Nicolas Houver
Cast : Alice Belaïdi, Rachid Youcef

David Dusa
Born in Budapest, David Dusa grew up in Sweden and South Africa. In 2000 he completed his studies of cinema at the University of Gothenburg, and went on to work in a fish factory in Norway, before travelling around Africa and Asia. In 2006 he directed his first films which won awards around the world. Les Fleurs du mal was presented in a selection of films by ACID at the 2010 Cannes Festival.