Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2012
By Dino Risi

Age 8+
Fiction / Italy / 1963 / 1h41 / black and white / VOSTF
Screenplay : Franco Castellano, Giuseppe Moccia, Dino Risi
Cinematographer : Alfio Contini
Musique : Armando Trovajoli
Cast : Walter Chiari, Roberto Ciccolini, Umberto d’Orsi, Michèle Mercier, Alice Kessler, Ellen Kessler

Italy in the sixties. Dino Versini is obliged to spend a day with his 8-year-old son Robertino, who lives with his mother Anne, Dino’s ex-wife. Completely ignorant of what a father’s role should be, Dino decides to go all out. A compulsive liar and braggart, and constantly in search of fun (particularly with regards to women), he pretends that he is a rich businessman at the wheel of a big American car, which he borrows from his friend, a garage mechanic. Robertino, mature for his age, is not so easily duped, and Dino realises that he cannot continue living a lie, especially if he wants to see his son again.

Dino Risi
A graduate in medicine, Dino Risi (1917 - 2008) gained his first experience
in cinema as an assistant for Mario Soldati and Alberto Lattuada. After the War he wrote articles on cinema for various newspapers and took part in the neorealist movement, directing over twenty short films including Barboni (1946), which was awarded a prize at the Venice Mostra. Painting a tonguein- cheek portrait of Italian society during the years of economic boom, he became interested in the comedy of manners, becoming one of its most gifted representatives in the 1960s. At the start of the seventies his style became more overtly critical as he broached civil and moral issues such as : sexual liberation, justice, and corruption… A diverse author, and highly lucid observer, he was capable of expressing the humour and seriousness of everyday life.

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