Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2014
by Jirˇí Barta

From 6 years old
Animation / Czech Republic / 2009 / 1h14 / French Version

Original Title : Na pude aneb Kdo má dneska narozeniny ?
French Title : Drôle de grenier !
Production : Bio Illusion, At Armz and Ceská Televize
Screenplay : Jirˇí Barta and Edgar Dutka
Animation : Alfons Mensdorff-Pouilly and František Váša
Photography : Zdeneˇk Pospíšil and Ivan Vít
Art Direction : Jirˇí Barta
Music : Michal Pavlícˇek
Distribution : Gebeka Films

A group of brave toys, straight out of a forgotten suitcase in an attic, leave on a trip full of danger and surprises in search of their friend Madeleine, an adorable doll who has been captured by The Head, the leader of the evil empire who wants to keep her in his power.

Jirˇí Barta

Born in 1948, Jirˇí Barta graduated from Applied Arts and Crafts in Prague. He joins the studio of his master, Jirˇí Trnka, before joining the Kratky Film studio in 1978. After several animated short films with puppets (including Riddles for a candy - Hádanky za bonbón, 1978 and The Vanished World of Gloves - Zaniklý sveˇt rukavic, 1982), he directs the medium-length film The Pied Piper (Krysarˇ, 1986), inspired by the legend of the Pied Piper of Hammelin. The fall of the communist era in 1989 interrupts Golem, his current production. After having animated several episodes of The Mole by Zdeneˇk Miler, aged 61, he puts together the necessary funds in 2009 to direct his first full-legth feature film, In the Attic.


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