Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2014
by Veˇra Šimková and Jan Kucˇera

From 5 years old
Fiction / Czecoslovakia / 1966 / 1h07 / French Version

Original Title : Káta a krokodýl
Production : Filmové studio Barrandov
Screenplay : Veˇra Šimková and Ota Hofman
Interpreetation : Ywetta Hollauerová, Alois Minsky, Minka Malá
Photography : František Valert
Music : Zdeneˇk Liška
Distribution : Les Films du Paradoxe

In the streets of Prague, Katia, eight, meets Misha, a boy her age who asks her for help him to look after the school’s ani- mals : white mice, rabbits, macaque monkeys, tortoise... as well as a little crocodile. A crazy chase through the city streets follows as the children run after the animals let out by Katia’s younger sister.

Veˇra Šimková

Born in 1935, she graduates from FAMU in 1957 and becomes assistant director. After her first feature film Chlapci, zadejte se ! in 1964, she co-directs with Jan Kucˇera Káta a krokodýl (1965), a film for, on and with children. Then she directs films for children, amongst those O Sneˇhurce (1972), Brontosaurus (1979) and Nefnukej, veverko ! (1988).


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