Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2011
Based on the book L’Arbre sans fin (The Never-ending Tree) by Claude Ponti and published by L’ecole des Loisirs

Age 3 and above.

Young Hipollène lives in the Never-ending Tree with her parents and grandmother. It is a tree which houses an entire population of endearing and eccentric little creatures. Hipollène grows up and it is soon time for her to walk the path that lead her to adulthood... From hunting Glousses with her father, to her grandmother’s passing away, not forgetting her encounter with Ortic the monster or the land of reflective mirrors... She eventually emerges victorious from the thousand and one challenges which await her in the Neverending Tree.

Adapted from the illustrated children’s book by Claude Ponti L’arbre sans fin, this book-in-concert created by the theatre company Marmouzic combines a slide-projection of images from the book, storytelling, and a vibrant musical accompaniment, interpreted by two musicians and a singer-storyteller.

Musical composition : Christofer Bjurström
Starring : Christofer Bjurström, françois Malet et Catherine Le Flochmoan
Video editing : Jean-Alain Kerdraon
Une coproduction Marmouzic, Ciné junior et Le Forum des Images avec le soutien de la Région Bretagne, le CG29 et la Ville de Brest.