Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2012
Oh Seong-yoon

Age 5+
Animation / South Korea / 2011 / 1h33 / 35 mm / color / VOSTA (live interpretation)
Production : Myung Films
Screenplay : Eunjeong Kim, Hyun Na
Animation director : Choonbaek Lee
Cinematographer : Jonghyuk Lee
Editing : Sangbum Kim, Jaebum Kim
Sound : Sukwon Kim, Changsub Kim

Leafie is a little chicken who lives penned-up on a farm where she relentlessly produces eggs. From her cage she catches glimpses of the outside world and dreams of a better life. When she finally manages to escape she meets a wild duck who helps her to adapt to her new environment. One fateful day she comes across a duck’s egg and decides to take care of it. When the egg hatches the little duckling, Greenie, thinks Leafie is its mother and the little chicken then decides to adopt it...
Leafie is adapted from a popular Korean story written by Seonmi Hwang.

Oh Seong-yoon
Oh Seong-yoon started her career in 1989 and worked for 5 years in an animated film production company before founding her own company. Leafie is his first feature film and was highly successful in Korea.

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