Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2011
Age 3 and above

Through the course of the seasons, we follow the adventures of the Espiègles (The Mischievous), inspired by the acclaimed illustrated books by the German caricaturist Wilhem Busch.

Les Espiègles I - hiver
Janis Cimermanis / Lettonie / 1991 / 10 min
Sticking his cat into a boot where a mouse has taken refuge, playing in the snow... these are some of little Peter’s favourite pastimes !

Les Espiègles II – printemps
Janis Cimermanis / Lettonie / 2006 / 10 min
It’s time for a spring clean and everyone is very busy. During this time, Peter finds nothing better to do than to wake up a bear.

Les Espiègles III - été
Janis Cimermanis / Lettonie / 1993 / 8 min
The mischievous Peter once again proves his ability to achieve great things. This time, he develops a plan to stop burglars...

Les Espiègles IV – automne
Janis Cimermanis / Lettonie / 1995 / 10 min
When Peter learns that the family pig is to be eaten he does all he can to save it !

Janis Cimmermanis
A Latvian representative of the European new-wave of animation, Janis Cimermanis has been working since the 1990s on the creation of an original imaginary universe. Trained at the Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema in Leningrad, his films draw on his experience as a director of puppet theatre. Rendered famous by Les Polissonneries and Munk, Lemmy and Company, Janis Cimermanis screened his feature-length film Les 3 Mousquetaires, in 2006. Acclaimed by critics for his sensitive and unique point of view, Janis Cimermanis returned to the screen in 2009 with L’Ours et le magicien.

Wilhelm Busch
Born in 1832 in Wiedensahl, Wilhelm Busch is a German illustrator and poet. He remains popular in Germany most notably due to his characters Max and Moritz who inspired the series Les Espiègles. Though they do not contain speech bubbles his stories are read as series of images and are therefore precursors of the comic book. Wilhelm Busch died in 1908.