Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2012
By Bruno Bozzetto

Age 2+
Animation / Italy / 1980 / 40 min / color / without dialogue
Original soundtrack : Franco Godi
Distribution : RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera

The Flea : A Flea decide to take some holidays and to use the back of a dog as a transport. But it will be difficult for her to find the perfect companion.

The Bee : A shortsighted little bee has some difficulties to collect from pollen. One day, her colleagues decide to take things in hands…

The Mosquito : If Mosquitos prevent us from sleeping, the mosquito of this story also has a lot of trouble to nod off. Bravely, he went looking for a peaceful part.

The Dragonfly : A greedy dragonfly always stuff food into one’s mouth. But the day she decide to fly, the glutton has some difficulties to leave the ground.

The Cricket : A singer cricket wakes up with a hoarse. He decide to treat it very quickly to get his voice back.

Béatrice Grossmann
Beatrice.Grossmann chez rsi.ch