Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2014
by Per Åhlin, Lasse Persson and Alicja Björk Jaworski

From 3 years old
Animation / Sweden / 2013 / 45 min / live interpretation

Original Title : Lilla Anna och Långa farbrorn
French Title : Lila Anna et son grand oncle
Production : Filmlance International AB, BOB Film Sweden AB, PennFilm Studio
Screenplay : Lena Ollmark, Anders Sparring et Jan Vierth
Animation : Per Åhlin, Lasse Persson et Alicja Björk Jaworski
Art Direction : Per Åhlin
Music : Magnus Dahlberg

Lilla Anna discovers the surrounding world with her uncle, an uncle who is as tall as she is tiny, as unadventurous as she is brave ! During their adventures, they pick apples, go fishing, skying… A short film by the creators of Laban the little ghost.

Per Åhlin
Born in 1931, Per Åhlin makes his debut in the art world aged 16 as a designer. He then moves on to theatre, founds the Teater 23 company in Malmö, still active today, works as a costume designer and set designer. In 1968, he creates his own animation studio and works with the Hasse and Tage duo. He directs Dunderklumpen ! in 1974, meeting international success, then creates cartoons for television and cinema (The Journey to Melonia, 1989). He then collaborates with Larsse Persson on the adventures of Laban the little Ghost, then on Little Anna and the Tall Uncle.

Lasse Persson
Born in Stockholm, he studies theatre and theology before working in animation with Per Åhlin on Laban the little Ghost and Little Anna and the Tall Uncle. He creates his own production company in 1995.

Alicja Björk Jaworski
Born in Warsaw, she studies architecture. In 1981, she works for the Warsaw animation studio before leaving for Sweden. She joins the PennFilm studio in 1985, animates on The Journey to Melonia. As well as working as an animator on several projects, she directs short films including Boo (2009), selected in many festivals, and Just a little (Bara lite, 2011).

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