Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2014
by Lena Anderson and Christina Björk

From 4 years old
Animation / Sweden / 1992 / 30 min

Original Title : Linnea i målarens trädgård
Production : Linneafilm and Sveriges Television
Screenplay : Lena Anderson and Christina Björk
Animation : Jonas Adner and Jan Gustavsson
Editing : Hélène Berlin and Björn Lindberg
Music : Luciano Scalercio and Albert Zabel
Distribution : Splendor Films

While going through a book on the painter Claude Monet, a small girl called Linnea dreams about wandering through the greenery of the artist’s garden, by the waters filled with white water lilies. Along with her neighbour, Mr Blomkvist, they travel to France to discover Monet’s paintings in the Musée Marmottan and go to Giverny to visit the garden.

Christina Björk

Born in Stockholm in 1938, Christina Björk studies Art History, Graphic Design and then Political Science. After working for Youth press and TV as a programming Director, she dedicates herself to writing. In 1989, she co-directs Nallar och människor. She is famous for her series of illustrated books, Linnea, written with the illustrator Lena Anderson.

Lena Anderson

Born in Stockholm in 1939, Lena Anderson studies at the Industrial Arts School and becomes Art Director for the fashion magazine Damernas. She then turns towards illustrations for children and works with Christina Björk on the Linnea series.


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