Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2014
by Serik Aprymov

From 10 years old
Fiction / Kazakhstan / 2013 / 1h37 / VOSTF

Original Title : Bauyr
French Title : Petit Frère
Production : Kazakh Film Studios
Screenplay : Serik Aprimov
Interpretation : Alisher Aprymov et Almat Galym
Photography : Aleksandr Rubanov
Editing : Sylvain Coutandin
Sound : Andrey Vlaznev

In a small village lost in the middle of the mountains in Kazakhstan , Yerken, a 9 year old boy, lives on his own, managing without anybody’s help to earn enough money to survive. One day, his elder brother returns, Yerken is ecstatic. But this long awaited brother is not as he had hoped.

Serik Aprymov
Born in 1960 in Aul-Aksuat, He studies directing at the VGIK in Mocow with Sergueï Soloviev as his professor. His first feature film, Last Stop (Kijan, 1992) reveals him to the larger audience as part of the Kazakh new wave. He then produces, amongst others, Aksuat (1998), Three Brothers (Agajyndy useu, 2000) and The Hunter (Okhotnik, 2004), all of them acclaimed by international critics.

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