Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2011
Age 13 and above

Régis Sauder
Documentaire / France / 2010 / 1h10 / vidéo / couleur

La Princesse de Clèves, the first modern novel in French literature is the central character in this film. Manel, Aurore, Mona, Abou and others lend it their voices and their faces. They are all students at Diderot High school in Marseille, a rough school in an underprivileged area in the north of the city. Their teacher has decided to make them study the novel. The majority of these French youths have foreign origins, they are often stigmatised and stereotyped. Some people today refute the need to teach them the important works of French literature. What use will it have on the job market when they leave school ? How can the wild ramblings of this 17th century author possibly interest the youth of today ? Together these students take to heart the novel, its representations and the questions it poses. Acting as an intermediary, this novel dating back to France’s "Great Century" allows us to access the lives of today’s youth.

Production : Nord-Ouest
Sur une idée originale de Anne Tesson
director of photography : Régis Sauder
editing : Yannick Coutheron et Nicolas Houver
cast : Alice Belaïdi, Rachid Youcef

Régis Sauder
Régis Sauder has been directing documentary films for many years for French national television including France 5, France 2 and France 3. His recent films include : Je t’emmène à Alger (2009), Mon Shanghai (2009) and L’année prochaine à Jérusalem (2008).