Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2014

From 8 years old
Animation / 56 min

Our Dreams Have No Limits has since been presented at the Yabous cultural Center’s Children’s film festival that took place in November 2013. The event was organised in association with Cinéma Public and in partnership with the Ile-de-France region and Arcadi.
Aya and Mortasem, two Palestinian kids who took part in the workshop, will come to present the program in the Val-de-Marne cinemas.

The children in the workshop have discovered at the same time what a cinema festival, a short film and an animated film were. For some of them, this was their very first cinema experience. We chose the theme of travel and together we came up with the words they associate with this theme. Those words were first associated with the idea of holidays and leisure before we slowly broadened the field of exploration through the films that were suggested and we started talking about inner travel, dreams and imagination, as suggested by the title that was chosen for their program, Our Dreams Have No Limits.

Together, we started off by building short photo sequences to approach programming as an formal, narrative and plastic building game, We then watched the films and talked about colours, music, language, emotions and many other themes. This exercise was a first experience for them, one that wasn’t always easy as there were plenty of things to say. Finally, the children chose six films for an invitation to cross over to the other side of the mirror, where fish drawn on condensation come to life, where a white sheet becomes an iceberg, where one travels by bike, by foot, on a tow truck, from Paris to the Tagus, from Russia’s snowy hills to the tropical rainforests of Cameroon and from Dakar to Jerusalem !

Synopsis made by the children of the workshop

Haï Puka
Lucie Mayjonade / Animation / France / 2010 / 3 min / mute
A child sitting in a train draws a fish that comes to life and helps the child to find himself.

Pishto Goes Away (Pishto ueszhayet)
Sonya Kendel / Animation / Russia / 2011 / 9 min / mute
Pishto in unhappy : his goat has just eaten all the food he had left. He gets angry and decides to leave home. While waiting for the bus, he meets a new friend who will change his life.

Travel to Mars (Viaje a Marte)
Juan Pablo Zaramella / Animation / Argentina / 2004 / 16 min / VOSTF
A child dreams of going to Mars, and his grand-father helps him realise his dream. At school, people are laughing at him, but he grows and ends up on Mars.

Petite lumière
Alain Gomis / Fiction / France / 2002 / 15 min
A little girl lives in the world she has created and won’t let anyone interfere with her life. A life full of imagination.

Thierry Knauff / Documentary / France - Belgium / 1994 / 7 min / VOSTF
A storyteller in Cameroon tells tales in his songs. The movie shows us the last man of his generation who tells tales in the form of songs.

Le Tage est plus beau
Cyril Besse / Animation / France / 2010 / 4 min
Fernando Pessoa’s poem on the Tage river in Portugal.


Hai Puka, Gbanga-Tita and Petite lumière
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Pichto Goes Away
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Travel to Mars
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Le Tage est plus beau
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