Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2014

From 4 years old
Animation / 34 min / mute

Movies in which our little painters discover paintings, visit museums or invite themselves in the great masters’ paintings. Picolo, Peo and their friends are full of surprises!

Péo, Vincent Van Gogh
Fusako Yusaki / Japan / 2009 / 3 min
Peo, the curious and energy-filled blue dog, discovers the world of Vincent Van Gogh: he takes a walk through wheat fields, visits the artist’s bedroom and paints sunflowers. What creativity!

Picolo à Montmartre
Jean Image / France / 1964 / 5 min
Picolo has set his easel on the Place du Tertre, in Montmartre, near the Sacré- Cœur. As a coach full of tourist arrives, another artist starts competing with him. How can he stand out?

Štaflik et Špagetka – Let’s Paint! (Štaflík a Špagetka - Namaluj si sam)
Vaclav Bedrich / Czechoslovakia / 1971 / 7 min
When the little poodles Štaflík and Špagetka try their paws at painting after visiting a museum, a mischievous raven comes to disturb their session.

Péo, Léonard de Vinci (Peo, Leonardo Da Vinci)
Fusako Yusaki / Japan / 2009 / 3 min
Peo the little blue dog breaks into the world of the painter Leonardo da Vinci, to the point where he adds his own personal touch to a few of the painter’s creations, such as Mona Lisa or the Vitruvian Man.

Pat et Mat and Treasure (Trezor)
Marek Beneš / Czech Republic / 2002 / 8 min
Pat and his neighbour Mat want to hide a banknote. What better than a safe and the Mona Lisa painting to protect their treasure? The little handymen still have surprises in store!

Picolo au Louvre
Jean Image / France / 1964 / 5 min
As the little painter Picolo attempts to reproduce the Mona Lisa in the Louvre museum, a thief gets hold of the painting, causing a crazy chase within the museum’s galleries.


Péo - Vincent Van Gogh et Léonard de Vinci
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Picolo à Montmartre et Picolo au Louvre
Carlotta Films
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Štaflik et Špagetka - Let’s Paint!
Česká Televize
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Pat et Mat and Treasure (Trezor)
Ateliery Bonton
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