Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2014

From 4 years old
Animation / 34 min / mute

Movies in which our little painters discover paintings, visit museums or invite themselves in the great masters’ paintings. Picolo, Peo and their friends are full of surprises !

Péo, Vincent Van Gogh
Fusako Yusaki / Japan / 2009 / 3 min
Peo, the curious and energy-filled blue dog, discovers the world of Vincent Van Gogh : he takes a walk through wheat fields, visits the artist’s bedroom and paints sunflowers. What creativity !

Picolo à Montmartre
Jean Image / France / 1964 / 5 min
Picolo has set his easel on the Place du Tertre, in Montmartre, near the Sacré- Cœur. As a coach full of tourist arrives, another artist starts competing with him. How can he stand out ?

Štaflik et Špagetka – Let’s Paint ! (Štaflík a Špagetka - Namaluj si sam)
Vaclav Bedrich / Czechoslovakia / 1971 / 7 min
When the little poodles Štaflík and Špagetka try their paws at painting after visiting a museum, a mischievous raven comes to disturb their session.

Péo, Léonard de Vinci (Peo, Leonardo Da Vinci)
Fusako Yusaki / Japan / 2009 / 3 min
Peo the little blue dog breaks into the world of the painter Leonardo da Vinci, to the point where he adds his own personal touch to a few of the painter’s creations, such as Mona Lisa or the Vitruvian Man.

Pat et Mat and Treasure (Trezor)
Marek Beneš / Czech Republic / 2002 / 8 min
Pat and his neighbour Mat want to hide a banknote. What better than a safe and the Mona Lisa painting to protect their treasure ? The little handymen still have surprises in store !

Picolo au Louvre
Jean Image / France / 1964 / 5 min
As the little painter Picolo attempts to reproduce the Mona Lisa in the Louvre museum, a thief gets hold of the painting, causing a crazy chase within the museum’s galleries.


Péo - Vincent Van Gogh et Léonard de Vinci
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Picolo à Montmartre et Picolo au Louvre
Carlotta Films
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Štaflik et Špagetka - Let’s Paint !
Česká Televize
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Pat et Mat and Treasure (Trezor)
Ateliery Bonton
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