Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2011
Age 9 and above

Anastasia Lapsui et Markku Lehmuskallio
Fiction / Finlande / 2009 / 1h23 / 35 mm / couleur / VOSTF

Neko is a member of the Nenet indigenous people and lives in Siberian tundra with her father and grandmother. They travel by kayak, catch fish and sing shamanic chants. Neko’s idyllic childhood comes to an abrupt end when her mother sends her against her will to a soviet boarding school.

Based on the childhood memories of the director Anastasia Lapsui, this film tells the story of how the young heroine adapts from one culture to another, and risks losing part of her identity in the process.

Original title : Sukunsa viimeinen
Production : Illume Ltd
Screenplay : Anastasia Lapsui et Markku Lehmuskallio
Director of photography : Johannes Lehmuskallio
Editing : Juho Gartz
Cast : Aleksandra Okotetto, Radik Anaguritsi, Nadezhda Zitnik

Anastasia Lapsui
Born in 1944 in Yamal (North West Siberia) she worked a journalist for the press and radio where she presented a broadcast in her native language. She has also translated to works of Pushkin into her mother tongue. The first ever journalist to come from the Nenet people, she wrote a scenario in 1990 before beginning her collaboration with Markku Lehmuskallio in 1993.

Markku Lehmuskallio
Born in Rauma in 1938, he was initially a forest worker before beginning his career in film in 1974. In his work as a filmmaker he has encountered the Sami people in Lapland, and subsequently the Siberian indigenous populations whose lives, overwhelmed by turmoil of History, he recounts.