Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2012
By Vittorio De Sica

Age 10+
Fiction / Italy / 1946 / 1h24 / black and white / VOSTF
Screenplay : Sergio Amidei, Adolfo Franci, Cesare Giulio Viola, Cesare Zavattini
Cinematographer : Anchise Brizzi
Editing : Niccolo Lazzari
Soundtrack : Alessandra Cicognini
Cast : Franco Interlenghi, Rinaldo Smordoni, Annielo Mele, Bruno Ortenzi, Emilio Cigoli

In the streets of Rome, at the end of the war, children from the poor neighbourhoods engage in shady, and sometimes dishonest, dealings in order to get by. Two young shoeshine boys (« sciuscià »), Pasquale and Guiseppe, dream of buying the white horse Barsagliere. In order to do so they participate in the sale of amercian blankets on the black market, a scheme thought up by Giuseppe’s brother and two adults. But they are soon arrested by the police and sent to a juvenile prison. They experience the cruelty, the promiscuity, and the misery that are part and parcel of prison life. Their strong friendship is put to the test...

Vittorio De Sica
The son of a magistrate, Vittorio De Sica (1902 - 1974) spent his early childhood in Naples and his teenage years in Rome. At the same time he studied accounting and took lessons in theatre, and in 1922 succeeded in joining a theatre company. In 1926 he started acting in films and became one of the leading actors of 1930s Italian cinema. He moved on to directing at the start of the 1940s. From 1946 to 1952 he directed four major films which became masterpieces of world cinema : Sciuscia, The Bicycle Thief, Miracle in Milan and Umberto D. He painted a social portrait of post-War Italy with a touch of sentimentalism and drawing upon popular imagery. Vittorio De Sica is an emblematic figure of neorealism and is considered to be one of the great names in Italian cinema.

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