Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2014

From 3 years old
Animation / 37 min / mute

The young heroes of the following five films play, tease each other, invent new rules, argue... but most often all is well that ends well !

Dorotka and Parrot (Dorotka a Papoušek)
Boˇzena Mozísová / Czechoslovakia / 1977 / 7 min
The young Dorotka wants to play undisturbed, but a parrot has decided to annoy her. Whatever she does, he must do better... what a pretentious bird !

Pat and Mat and Puzzle
Marek Beneš / Czech Republic / 2002 / 8 min
Pat visits his neighbour Mat to work on a jigsaw puzzle. As it starts to take shape, the two friends can’t find all the pieces. What to do ?

Dorotka and Kite (Dorotka a drak)
Boˇzena Mozísová / Czechoslovakia / 1977 / 7 min
Making the most of the sunny weather, Dorotka goes kiting. Suddenly, the string breaks and the kite flies away. In tears, Dorotka asks a parrot for help.

Štaflik and Špagetka and the Game (Štaflík a Špagetka – Stavebnice)
Vaclav Bedrich / Czechoslovakia / 1971 / 7 min
Two little poodles called Štaflík and Špagetka are pushing a big truck. A mischievous little crow comes along to stir up some trouble, the truck falls over, letting out a flood of... mag- netic cubes. It’s mayhem !

Pat and Mat and Track (Autodráha)
Marek Beneš / Czech Republic / 2002 / 8 min
Pat and Mat decide to play on a car racing track. But it is not easy to assemble bits of roads or to operate the little cars. What if they tried playing in another way ?


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