Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2011
Age 5 and above

This programme is comprised of films directed by children’s illustrators.

Le Machino
Nicolas Bianco-Levrin et Julie Rembauville / animation / France / 2004 / 3 min / sans paroles
On the corner of the street, a rag and bone man, dressed in a torn suit, turns the handle of an old barrel organ. The whole town is propelled by the instruments’ rhythms.

Partie de pêche
Nicolas Bianco-Levrin / animation / France / 2008 / 3 min / sans paroles
Kroak goes hunting early one morning. From his sack he takes out a collection of tools and waits for the fish that never arrives...

Trois ours et un frigo vide
Nicolas Bianco-Levrin / animation / France / 2008 / 4 min / sans paroles
Three lazy bears are bored in their hut. The bravest of them travels as far as the fridge... only to find it empty. One of the three then comes up with a clever plan to catch fish without leaving the armchair.

Ben Hora
Nicolas Bianco-Levrin / animation / France / 2009 / 4 min / sans paroles
A family of birds land in a big city. Freedom and humanity are hard to find. How to escape from this urban cage ?

50 secondes sans respirer
Géraldine Alibeu / animation / France / 2000 / 1 min / sans paroles
Almost one minute underwater without breathing in the small arena of the municipal swimming pool.

La Robe du dimanche
Géraldine Alibeu / animation / France / 2001 / 4 min / sans paroles
A woman on her balcony endlessly draws the buildings opposite. Below her, on the banks of the canal, something is going on in the street and excitement is rising amongst passersby. An event is about to take place.

Betty Bone / animation / France / 2006 / 7 min
Once upon a time in the city, two little girls very stubborn of mind, their sister lost they try to find...

Betty Bone / animation / France / 2006 / 6 min / sans paroles
A journey across town, like the stream of words in a poem...

La Nuit
Betty Bone / animation / France / 2006 / 5 min / sans paroles
On a winter’s night, Ali cannot sleep. He sets off walking through a landscape of threatening shapes...

Zeina Abirached / animation / France / 2006 / 3 min
After several unfortunate snips of the scissors, a little girl is obliged to keep a sheep on her head.

Jean-François Martin, en collaboration avec 7 élèves de Sup-infocom Arles / animation / France / 2010 / 5 min / sans paroles
One invention a week, 52 inventions a year : this is the extraordinary story of Mr. Felix, a genius inventor. One fateful Monday a millionaire asks him to invent, is the space of a week, a machine that transforms millionaires into billionaires.

Les illustrateurs

Nicolas Bianco Levrin
Since studying graphic design at the Duperré School, Nicolas Bianco Levrin has published over twenty children’s books and comics. He has also directed a dozen short-films. He was awarded a first Octogone prize for Simon sans nuit and a second his book and film project Le Machino. In 2009 he created an exhibition combing animated film and children’s literature.

Géraldine Alibeu
Géraldine Alibeu was born in 1978 in Echirolles (French Alps). During her childhood she spent her days-off messing about with bits of cardboard and sticky back plastic, and then attempted to recount the adventures of her primary school teacher in a comic book. Subsequently, she joined Claude Lapointe’s illustration workshop at the Strasbourg’s School of Decorative Arts. Since 2001, she has devoted herself to illustration for children’s literature and press as well as to the writing of her own works.

Zeina Abirached
Zeina Abirached was born in 1981 in Beirut. She spent her childhood in a house situated on « the green line », a zone which separated the two halves of Beirut during the war. To shield her from the reality of war her mother invented a new story for her each day. After studying at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts in Beirut, she was inspired by these events to create her first illustrated book, Catharsis. Her following works similarly draw on her autobiographical experiences.

Betty Bone
Working first as an illustrator for the Père Castor book collection, she became an author in her own right with her first illustrated book La nuit published by Rouergue un 2005. It was followed by Balade and the first two tomes of the trilogy Dudu. Throughout her work as an illustrator, graphic designer, author of illustrated books and in her incursions into animated film we find the same technique and inspiration. Collages, blocks of colour, images structured by the use of back and white, a minimalist play on appearances which is both intriguing and disconcerting.

Jean-François Martin
Born in Paris in 1967 Jean-François Martin studied at Paris’ Olivier de Serres National School. After a time spent working as a graphic designer for Bayard, he devoted himself to children’s illustration as of 1993. Ever since, his works have been regularly published by major publishing houses and the French and international press. He was also the official artist of Ciné Junior from 2007 to 2010.