Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2014

From 5 years old
Animation / Czechoslovakia / 1971 / 1h05 / French Version

Original Title : Dobrodruství námorník a Sindinbáda
Production : Filmové Studio Gottwaldov
Script : Karel Zeman from "The Thousand and One Nights"
Photography : Bohuslav Pikhart
Animation : Arnost Kupcik, Eugen Spaleny
Editing : Ivan Matous
Music : František Belfin
Distribution : Gebeka Films

In search of adventure, Sindbad embarks on a boat with his friends. Caught in a storm, the ship sinks. Sindbad, sole survivor, owes his life to a fish he had helped in the past. The sailor continues his journey through the seas towards new adventures.

Karel Zeman

After studying business and advertising design in Czechoslovakia, Karel Zeman leaves to work in France in 1930. He comes back in 1936 and directs advertisements for Bata. He steps into the limelight with his first animated short film : A Christmas Dream (Vánocˇní sen) winning an Award in Cannes in 1946. After shooting several short films, he turns to feature films in 1952 with The Treasure of Bird Island (Poklad Ptacˇího ostrova). Often nicknamed The Czech Méliès, Zeman is mainly an author of children films. In his films, he mixes several animation techniques : drawings, puppets, glass... he also directed fictions including Journey to the beginning of time (Cesta do praveˇku, 1954), The Stolen Airship Based on Jules Verne’s Novels (Ukradená vzducholod’, 1967) or Sindbad, based on The One Thousand and One Nights.


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