Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2011
Age 8 and above

This programme in comprised of films directed by illustrators or adapted from comic-books, including the short-film Sinna Mann, inspired by the eponymous comic-book by Gro Dahle, winner of many awards.

L’Homme aux bonbons
Marie Paccou - Décors et animation de Géraldine Alibeu
Animation / France / 2009 / couleur / 35 mm / 9 min
The true story of a man searching for love. Between documentary and modern day fairytale, this film makes use of various animation techniques to paint a poetic and moving portrait of Hubert Germain.

O’ Moro
Christophe Calissoni et Eva Offredo
Animation / France / 2009 / couleur / 35 mm / 12 min / VOSTF
Naples, at the end of the 1950s. A hulk of a policeman, nicknamed O’Moro by his boss, has the mission to stop the city’s villains. One morning, a meeting with a gypsy will change the course of his life.

Aline Ahond
Animation / France / 1998 / couleur / 35 mm / 5 min / sans dialogues
A carnival float offers a multitude of colourful scenes.

Nuit d’orage
Michèle Lémieux
Animation / Canada / 2003 / couleur / 35 mm / 10 min
A young girl and her dog on a stormy night. A thousand questions spring to mind. Thoughts arise, take flight, come back with force, and bounce of the invisible walls of the mind. In the depths of the night, the child observes both the infinitely intimate, and the universal.

Sinna Mann

Anita Killi
Animation / Norvège / 2009 / couleur / 35 mm / 20 min / VOSTF
When mother fish dies, Boj is heartbroken. He draws the strength to carry from the power of his imagination. A film about secrets which should not remain secret.

Les auteurs/illustrateurs

Géraldine Alibeu
Géraldine Alibeu was born in 1978 in Echirolles (French Alps). During her childhood she spent her days-off messing about with bits of cardboard and sticky back plastic, and then attempted to recount the adventures of her primary school teacher in a comic book. Subsequently, she joined Claude Lapointe’s illustration workshop at the Strasbourg’s School of Decorative Arts. Since 2001, she has devoted herself to illustration for children’s literature and press as well as to the writing of her own works.

Eva Offredo
After studying at Olivier de Serre technical college, Eva Offredo entered the illustration department of the Decorative Arts School in Paris. There, she met the artistic director of the Gautier-Languereau publishing house who greatly admired her work and employed to work on two illustrated books : Les grands moments de la vie and L’Ogre by Silensonge. Since graduating in 2002 she has also worked for the press (Libération, Elle and Pomme d’Api).

Aline Ahond
Aline Ahond is an artist and filmmaker, author of illustrated children’s books which employ a photographic technique using transparencies. Since her first short-film, Carnavallée, she has directed several fiction and animated films, animated logos for the television channel Arte, and has created several posters for festivals and various exhibitions.

Michèle Lémieux
Michèle Lémieux was born in Quebec, Canada. After completing her studies at Laval University in Montreal she undertook further studies and the Fribourg Finishing School in Germany. Since 1982 she has been teaching plastic arts at Montreal University. Her books have been published in numerous countries.

Gro Dahle
Born in Oslo in 1932, Gro Dahle has published over thirty books (poems, short stories, comic books and novels) since 1987, including several in collaboration with her husband Svein Nyhus, an illustrator. Her children’s books have been translated into several languages. Her works have won numerous awards including Sinna Mann which won the Best Children’s Book Prize in 2003.