Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2014

From 4 years old
Animation / 52 min / mute

Puppet films and cartoons where seasons and the four elements vibrate, playing with matter and colours, with tales from The East and the West.

Ondra and the Snow Dragon (Ondra a sneˇžný drak)
Lesley Keen / Czecoslovakia / 1978 / 7 min
Ondra flies away on a snow dragon’s back to the Land of Ice. There he meets a bored princess who feels lonely in this frozen kingdom.

The Rainbow Carpet (Duhový koberec)
Miroslav Kacena / Czecoslovakia / 1988 / 15 min
A young flute player leaves his village and his mother to play before the king. Blown away by the musician’s talent, the monarch wishes to hire him, even if it means using force to make him stay...

Moon Fairy-Tale (Meˇsícˇní pohádka)
Zdeneˇk Miler / Czecoslovakia / 1958 14 min
The drawing of a young girl is feeling very lonely in her work of art. She runs away from the drawing and meets an ice being.

The Three Pals (Trˇi kumpani)
Jan Karpaš / Czecoslovakia / 1972 16 min
Three friends, Air, Fire and Water meet a friendly farmer.


Moon Fairy-Tale
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Ondra and the Snow Dragon, The Rainbow Carpet, The Three Pals
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