Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2014

From 2 years old
Animation / 40 min / mute

This programme have been made by AFCA, Cinéma Public, Cinémas 93, Enfances au cinéma, Cinessone and Ecrans VO.
French Title : La Petite Fabrique des couleurs

Red, green, blue... in a riot of colours, this programme is an introduction to the varied techniques of animation : plasticine, drawing, papercut and puppets. A multicoloured rainbow bringing young spectators towards the discovery of enchanting worlds.

Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet / France / 2010 / 8 min
A character wants to free himself from his overflowing and multicoloured imagination in a black and white world.

Miriam’s Colors (Miriami värvid)
Mari-Liis Bassovskaja and Jelena Girlin / Estonia / 2008 / 5 min
The world has lost its colours. Miriam, her brother and her little hen must find a solution before her parents come back !

Vaiana Gauthier / France / 2012 / 4 min
An old lady remains lost in her thoughts. Her knitwear suddenly takes her into a colourful trip at the heart of her childhood memories.

Joan Miró
Pawel Walicki / Poland / 1997 / 5 min
A musical and visual trip at the core of the painter Miro’s work, in which the sun has an appointment with the moon.

Sandpixies : Clouds (Sandpixies : Wolken, nichts als Wolken)
Ralf Kukula / Germany / 2012 / 5 min
As soon as the children go back home, life begins in the sandbox ! Funny sand creatures come out in the open and dis- cover... a painting palette !

Ned Wenlock / New-Zealand / 2011 / 3 min
A young Indian musician meets fun- ny creatures during his trip through America.


Miriam’s Colors
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Sandpixies : Clouds
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