Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2014
by Jean-François Laguionie

From 7 years old
Animation / France - Belgium / 2011 / 1h16

Original Title : Le Tableau
Production : Be-Films, Blue Spirit Animation
Screenplay : Jean-François Laguionie and Anik Leray
Animation : Rémi Chayé and Frédéric Roullier-Gall
Interpretation (voices) : Jean Barney, Chloé Berthier, Julien Bouanich...
Editing : Jean-François Laguionie, Julien Bisaro and Jean Palenstkin
Music : Pascal Le Pennec
Distribution : Gebeka Films

A castle, blossoming gardens and a threatening forest, such is the work a painter has left unfinished. Three kinds of people are living in this painting : the Alldunns, who are completely paint- ed, the Halfies, who lack a few colours, and the Sketchies who are just sketches. Considering themselves to be superior, the Allduns drive the Halfies away from the castle and enslave the Sketchies. Convinced that only the painter can bring harmony back by finishing the painting, Ramo, Lola and Plume leave in order to find him.

Jean-François Laguionie

Born in Besançon, Jean-François Laguionie becomes Paul Grimault’s student. Passionate about animation, he directs many short films. In 1965, he steps into the spotlight with The Lady and the Cellist (La Demoiselle et le Violoncelliste), before winning the Palme d’Or in Cannes for Best Short Film in 1978 with Rowing Across the Atlantic (La Traversée de l’Atlantique à la rame). After creating his own studio, La Fabrique, he moves onto feature films : Gwen, the Book of Sand (Gwen le livre de sable, 1984), A Monkey’s Tale (Le Château des singes, 1999), Black Mor’s Island (L’Île de Black Mor, 2003) and The Painting (Le Tableau) in 2011.


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