Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2011
Age 4 and above

Garri Bardine
Animation / Russie / 2010 / 1h16 / 35 mm / couleur / VOSTF (interprétation en direct)

Adapted from Anderson’s original story in the form of a musical, Le Vilain Petit Canard (The Ugly Duckling) takes place in a henhouse where cocks, chickens, ducks and geese live and lay together. One day the cock finds a giant egg behind the fence which surrounds the henhouse and discreetly adds it to his wife’s nest. Very soon, a fledgling bird hatches who doesn’t resemble any of his fellow birds. He is immediately stigmatised by the inhabitants of the henhouse, and is subjected to humiliation and scorn by his feathered companions...

Original title : Гарри БАРДИН
Production : Garri Bardine
Screenplay : Garri Bardine d’après le conte éponyme de Hans Christian Andersen
Director of photography : Ivan Remizov
Editing : Irina Sobinova-Kassil
Cast : Mikhail Turetski, Svetlana Stepchenko, Artem Dzhigarkhanian, Konstantin, Raikine.

Garri Bardine
Born in 1941 in Orenbourg in Russia, Bardine studied acting at Mkhat studio school before continuing his studies at the Dramatic Theatre in Moscow. In 1973, whilst working for children’s television, he discovered animation film. Two years later, he entered the famous muscovite animation studio Soyouzmoultfilm where he worked first as a screenplay writer and then as a director. He was to stay with the studio for 15 years during which time he directed numerous short-films including Fioriture (1987) which was awarded the Palme D’Or for Short-Films at Cannes and Le Loup Gris et le Petit Chaperon rouge (1990) which won the Grand Prix at the Annecy Film Festival. In 1991, Garri Bardine created Stayer, an independent studio on the outskirts of Moscow. Le Vilain Petit Canard is his first feature-length film.