Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2012
By Enzo d’Alò

Age 5+
Animation / Italy / 1999 / 1h20 / color / VF
Screenplay : Enzo d’Alò, Umberto Marino
According to the story by Luis Sepulveda
Editing : Rita Rossi
Soundtrack : David Rhodes

Poisoned by an oil slick, Kenah the seagull, before passing away, gives his egg to the cat Zorba and makes him promise that he will not to eat it, that he’ll care for it until it hatches and that he’ll teach the new-born gull to fly. Zorba is very embarrassed, but a cat cannot break his promise. He resigns himself to looking after the egg and Felice, the new-born gull that hatches from it. Helped by his friends, Zorba protects Felice from the many dangers that face a young gull and in particular the bands of rats that infest the sewers. In order to teach him to fly he must enter into contact with the only human in the port whom the cats trust : the daughter of a poet.

Enzo d’Alò
Born in 1953 in Naples, Enzo d’Alò joined the Italian studio Lanterna Magica in Turin in 1979. A conscientious objector, he developed audiovisual experiments and taught the techniques of animation to children. In the 1990s he directed dozens of children’s films. A music lover, he also directed a video for Paolo Conte, whom he asked to compose the music for his first feature film La Flèche Bleue (The Blue Arow). With his second opus La Mouette et le chat (The seagull and the cat), Enzo d’Alò received international acclaim and become recognised as a leading figure of European animated film.

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