Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2011
Age 9 and above

Louis Malle
Fiction / France / 1960 / 1h24 / 35 mm / couleur

A ten year-old girl named Zazie arrives in Paris. Her mother has left her with her uncle Gabriel for the week-end. In Charles’ taxi, Gabriel shows her the capitals monuments, but Zazie doesn’t care. What she wants is to discover the metro. But unfortunately, and much to her disappointment, there is a strike !

Production : Napoléon Murat (NEF)
screenplay : Louis Malle et Jean-Paul Rappeneau d’après le roman éponyme de Raymond Queneau.
director of photography : Henri Raichi
sound : André Hervé
editing : Kenout Peltier
music : Fiorenzo Carpi, André Pontin
cast : Catherine Demongeot, Philippe Noiret, Vittorio Caprioli, Carla Marlier, Annie Fratellini, Hubert Deschamps, Jacques Dufilho

Louis Malle
Born in the north of France in 1932, Louis Malle pursued a brilliant academic career in Paris. Fascinated by jazz and cinema from an early age, he entered the IDHEC (Institute for Higher Studies of Cinema). He accepted work as an intern with Commandant Cousteau with whom he directed Le Monde du silence, which received the Palme D’Or at Cannes in 1956. Close to, though not part of, the Nouvelle-Vague, his career varied between documentary and fiction, in both France and the United States, making him a unique filmmaker.

Louis Malle’s passion for modern literature led him to adapt Raymond Queneau’s novel, Zazie dans le metro, just a few months after its publication in 1959. Several decades later, in 2008, Clément Oubrerie, an illustrated-book author, created a comic based on Queneau’s novel.
As part of this year’s festival Ciné Junior will organise a workshop on these three works and the specific nature of each medium : literature, film and comic book. This workshop will take place in three middle and high school classes.