Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2020


Sébastien Lifshitz / documentary / France / 2019 / 2h 15m / 13-year-old
Emma and Anaïs are inseparable, yet everything is against them. This documentary follows their journey from the age of 13 to adulthood, five years during which transformations and firsts vie with each other.
Through this touching chronicle of youth, this documentary also paints a portrait of France and its recent history.


22.01.2020, 9h15 : Champigny, Studio 66
24.01.2020, 10h : Vitry, 3 cinés Robespierre
28.01.2020, 9h30 : Fontenay, Le Kosmos
30.01.2020, 9h30 : Créteil, La Lucarne
30.01.2020, 14h30 : Arcueil, Espace J. Vilar
04.02.2020, 9h30 : Vincennes, Le Vincennes

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