Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2020


Sophie Deraspe / fiction / Canada / 2019 / 1h 49m French soundtrack / 13-year-old
While helping her brother escape from prison, Antigone must deal with the existing legal system. To the laws of men she prefers her own sense of justice, ruled by love and solidarity. The brilliant teen, who until then had lived a blameless life, feels the vise tightening around her. But she is also heartened by the wave of support coming from the young people who see her as a heroine...
Named best Canadian film at the last Toronto International Film Festival, this film is a vibrant contemporary reinterpretation of Sophocles’ eponymous tragedy.

23.01.2020, 9h30 : Saint Maur des Fossés, Le Lido
27.01.2020, 9h30 : Choisy le Roi, Le Cinéma
27.01.2020, 14h : Fontenay, Le Kosmos
27.01.2020, 14h30 : Vitry, 3 Cinés Robespierre
29.01.2020, 10h : Cachan, La Pléiade
30.01.2020, 9h30 : Nogent, Royal Palace
30.01.2020, 14h : Créteil, La Lucarne
31.01.2020, 10h30 : Arcueil, Espace J. Vilar
31.01.2020, 14h : Chevilly, Théâtre A. Malraux

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