Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2015

Age 3+
33 minutes

When you are a bird, it is not always that easy to fly ! Some dream about it, some are scared, and those who are used to throw themselves into the air wish they did not have to migrate every year !

Huhu - Un Trou dans le pôle (Huhu - Pole Hole)
Alexei Alexeev / Animation / Hungary / 2007 / 5 min / mute
Funny birds in the middle of the Arctic Ocean face serious adjustment problems.

Les Aventures de Yoyo
Camera-ETC / Animation / Belgium / 2013 / 3 min 30
Pierre frees Yoyo, his grandmother’s parrot. Long is the road to Amazonia : the bird first has to learn to fly.

Adel Kerpely / Animation / Hungary / 2011 / 4 min / mute
A caged bird dreams of flying freely.

Fred & Anabel
Ralf Kukula / Animation / Germany / 2014 / 7 min / mute
Fred the cat and Anabel the wild goose are best friends. When winter comes, they have to part : it’s time for the great departure for Anabel, who has to migrate south with her flight.

L’Oiseau migrateur (Perelyotnaya)
Vera Myakisheva / Animation / Russia / 2013 / 5 min
Zina, a little hen, dreams of learning to fly.

Fear of Flying
Conor Finnegan / Animation / Irland / 2012 / 9 min / VF
Dougal is a little bird who is afraid to fly. Every winter, he tries to avoid the traditional southward migration rather than facing his fear. What if this year, he was to make an effort ?


Huhu - Un Trou dans le Pôle
Studio Baestarts Ltd
Alexei Alexeev
alexeev.alexei chez gmail.com

Les Aventures de Yoyo
Dimitri Kimplaire
+32 4 253 59 97
dimitri.kimplaire chez camera-etc.be

School of Visual Arts
Adel Kerpely
adelkerpely chez gmail.com

Fred & Anabel
Balance Film GmbH
Grit Wißkirchen
+49 0351 490 37 80
grit.w chez balancefilm.de

L’Oiseau migrateur
Pchela Studio
Vera Myakisheva
aveshikyam2004 chez mail.ru

La Peur de voler
Autour de Minuit
Annabel Sebag
+33 1 42 81 17 28
annabel chez autourdeminuit.com