Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2015

Age 6+ / 1h10

The Rink
Charlie Chaplin / United States / Fiction / 1916 / 24 min / silent film
The Tramp is a waiter in a restaurant. One day, his roller skates on, he creates a mad panic both in the kitchen and in the dining room !

Easy Street
Charlie Chaplin / United States / Fiction / 1917 / 21 min / silent film
The Tramp joins the police and is assigned a hazardous area, Easy Street, where the powerful Eric Campbell spreads terror...

The Immigrant
Charlie Chaplin / United States / Fiction / 1917 / 24 min / silent film
While immigrating to the United States, the Tramp meets Edna and her mother on the ship. They also dream of liberty.

Charlie Chaplin
Chaplin was born in London in 1889. The son of artists, he grew up in poverty. At the age of ten, he performed as a tap dancer, and then as an actor. In 1913, he moved to the United States and was spotted by a producer. This was the beginning of a series of short and feature films. He appeared as the mythical character « the Tramp, » in Kid Auto Races at Venice by Lehrman (1914). He created his studio in 1918 and co-founded the production company United. A burlesque genius, he directed and starred in over 70 films, among which The Tramp (1915), The Immigrant (1917), The Kid (1921), or The Gold Rush (1925). With the advent of the talkies in 1929, Chaplin had to adapt his style based on pantomime, not without difficulties. After City Lights (1931), he gave his films a political dimension, which represented a turning point in his career. Then Modern Times (1936) and The Great Dictator (1940) were released. After becoming the target of attacks, he went into exile in Switzerland in 1952. He directed two more films and published two novels. He died in 1977.


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