Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2015

Concert Cinema

The Travel of Lion Boniface
From 2 years old

Two colourful short films by famous Russian filmmaker Fiodor Khitruk. A little bear under the snow and a juggler lion under the African sun: no doubt this will suprise the youngest members of the audience!

After Le Petit Monde de Léo Lionni at the Festival Ciné Junior 2012, let’s hear SZ’s musicians again for our greatest pleas- ure! Their little repetitive sequences and their merry refrains – made of percus- sion, guitars, keyboards, vocals, sam- pling and multiple sound objects – give a new dimension to the cheerful and colorful world of Fyodor Khitruk!Retour ligne automatique

Two animated short films by famous Russian director Fiodor Khitruk, set to music by musicians Damien and Franck Litzler of the band SZ. An original musi- cal creation for Cinéma Public - Festival Ciné Junior in co-production with the Forum des Images, with the collabora- tion of the MuCEM and the Régie 2C.

The Bear (Toptyzhka)
Fiodor Khitruk / Animation / Russia / 1964 / 9 min 30
Winter has come, this is the time of hibernation. Little Bear feels so lonely: Father Bear doesn’t want to play with him. During a walk in the snowy moor, he meets a little rabbit. How great this is to make a new friend!

The Travel of Lion Boniface (kanikuly Bonifatsiya)
Fiodor Khitruk / Animation / Russia / 1965 / 21 min
Boniface, a circus lion in need of holi- days, decides to visit his grandmother in Africa. Equipped with his butterfly net and his striped swimsuit, he dreams of spending his days lazing, bathing in the lake and sunbathing. Maybe the children of the village will be able to change his mind!

Fiodor Khitruk

Fiodor Khitruk was born in 1917 in Tver, USSR. He graduated in graphism in 1936 from the OGIS College for Applied Arts in Moscow. Two years later, he started working for Soyouzmoultfilm as an animator, then as a director from 1962 onward. His first film, The Story of a Crime (Istoriya odnogo prestupleniya), was widely acclaimed by critics and marked the revival of Soviet animation. Far from Disney – which was very popular at that time –, Khitruk’s universe was subtle and satirical. Admired both by his peers and the audience, he was awarded the Short Film Palme d’Or in Cannes in 1973 with Island (Ostrov), the Short Film Special Jury Prize in Cannes with I Grant You A Star (Daryu tebe zvezdu, 1975) and received the Audience Award at the Ottawa Festival with The Lion and the Bull (Lev i byk, 1984). Khitruk is also famous for his children’s films: Boniface’s Holiday (Kanikuly Bonifatsiya, 1965) and the series about the adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh (Vinni Pukh, 1969-1972). In 1993, Khitruk co-founded the school and animation studio SHAR with three other Russian animators, Iouri Norstein, Andreï Khrjanovski and Edouard Nazarov.