Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2019


Fiction / Brasil, France, Quatar / 2018 / 1h36 / VOSTF

11 +

Joana, a teenager, feeds her soul with literature and rock music. In 1979, as she lives in Paris, an amnesty law is voted in Brazil. Overnight, she is forced to go back to a country she barely knows. In Rio de Janeiro, her hometown where her father was a victim of “disappearance”, she rediscovers memories from a childhood marked by the disappearing of her father. This blend of intimate and social stories delicately depicts the path of a young girl on a quest for her identity.


Mer 13/02 9h30 : Champigny, Studio 66
Mer 13/02 10h : Vitry, 3 Cinés Robespierre
Jeu 14/02 14h : Fontenay, Le Kosmos
Ven 15/02 9h30 : Créteil, La Lucarne + meeting with the director
Lun 18/02 9h30 : Créteil, La Lucarne + meeting with the director
Mar 19/02 9h : Cachan, La Pléiade
Mar 19/02 9h : Vincennes, Le Vincennes
Mar 19/02 14h30 : Chevilly, Théâtre A. Malraux
Mar 19/02 14h30 : Orly, Centre Culturel + meeting with the director
Jeu 21/02 14h : Arcueil, Espace J. Vilar + meeting with the director


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