Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2020


Ralf Kukula and Mathias Bruhn / animation / Germany / 2019 / 1h 26m / French soundtrack / 7-year-old

GDR, Summer 1989. No-one realises that the Berlin wall will soon fall.
12-year-old Fritzi is worried. She has been taking care of her friend’s dog, Sputnik, during the holidays. Now the holidays are over and her friend, Sophie, has not returned to Leipzig. When Fritzi finds out that Sophie’s family has fled to the FRG via Hungary, she decides to go reunite them...
This animated film coincides with the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and recreates the historic event through the eyes of a freedom and justice-loving child.

22.01.2020, 9h30 : Vincennes, Le Vincennes
23.01.2020, 9h30 : Créteil La Lucarne
23.01.2020, 10h : Vitry, 3 Cinés Robespierre
24.01.2020, 9h30 : Fontenay Le Kosmos
27.01.2020, 14h : Sucy Espace J-M. Poirier
28.01.2020, 9h30 : Choisy le Roi, Le Cinéma
28.01.2020, 9h30 : Orly Centre Culturel
28.01.2020, 10h : Maisons-Alfort, Théâtre C. Debussy
*29.01.2020, 14h : L’Haÿ-les-Roses, La Tournelle
30.01.2020, 14h : Vitry, 3 Cinés Robespierre
31.01.2020, 16h15 : Arcueil, Espace J. Vilar

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